Superhero Games: The Best of the Best

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Gaming is already an activity that billions across the world enjoy without thinking of the superhero genre. However, ever since Marvel began their cinematic universe, it is interesting to see how the genre has undergone a revitalisation over the last decade. Now, the popularity of the genre gives even the video game industry a run for its money, which is why it only made sense to combine the two. While there have been countless examples of superhero video games in the past, the rise in popularity for them can be seen to be parallel with the growth of the genre, thanks to factors like the MCU and DCEU.

This is not to say that superhero games of the past were not as good as the options that are currently being published. Even on a now-ancient platform such as the PlayStation 2, a plethora of superhero games were released, including the likes of the Punisher, Spider-Man and Superman. However, game development has evolved incredibly since this time, leading to epic titles such as GTA V. This is a game where players can band together and hit the casino and even wager in-game money. Those who want a step up from this experience and want to access some online real money gambling games can visit some of the numerous sites that are available on the internet.

It is clear that the desire for superhero games is there, which is why so many popular examples have been released and announced. Given that new players are arriving at gaming all the time, they might find it useful to know what the best superhero games that they can currently play are.

Spider-Man (PS4)

When this game was first teased at E3, audiences simply went wild and couldn’t contain their excitement. This was because a reputable studio was releasing a new Spider-Man game, and those who have played most of the Spider-Man releases will know that a good instalment hadn’t been created since Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 2. On release, players received an experience that was worthy of the Spider-Man title and ever since, players have simply fallen in love.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Without a doubt, this was the game that revolutionised the superhero genre within the gaming community. Nothing had been seen like it before – this was a game where audiences were finally put in control of Batman and saw how he viewed the world. The combat system was also industry-breaking and would go on to be the most talked-about feature of the series.


Made by the creators of Mortal Kombat, the decision to take the world’s most loved character and put them in a fighting game was an inspired one, and one that paid off. Ever since it first came out, Injustice has been a favourite with fans thanks to the compelling narrative and deeply complex combat system.

These games represent some of the best superhero games that have ever been released, and it should be clear why they are some of the most iconic examples the industry has to offer. Those who haven’t tried a superhero game would do well to try any of these examples.


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